Make Sachin Patriotic Again


Make Sachin Patriotic Again

Illustration: Shivali Devalkar


here are two people in this country whose patriotism you dare not question: the Indian soldier and Sachin Tendulkar. And if you do, you will be at the receiving end of rape threats and a slap across your profile picture. Fully understanding the consequences of what I’m about to do, I wish to take the risk and call bullshit on Sachin Tendulkar’s warped notion of patriotism.

Sachin’s idea of patriotism is playing for the country, to play for himself. Or getting the whole team to play a sudden series against the West Indies, so that he could have his teary farewell. Maybe I’m being too harsh on him, but I can’t believe that it’s just a coincidence that the man retired after scoring exactly 100 international hundreds and playing 200 Test matches. And he took one full year to go from the 99th hundred to the 100th one. Well, thankfully for him, Rahul Dravid was not the captain of the Indian side then. Dravid would have probably dropped Sachin on his 94th hundred, as he would have put the team’s interest ahead of the Master Blaster’s.