Khasmanu-kha! Cuss Like a Punjabi


Khasmanu-kha! Cuss Like a Punjabi

Illustration: Namaah


indi isn’t my first language but I was hell-bent on learning it. The parents of all my friends had declared Hindi the language of drivers, nannies, maids, and watchmen and thus we were banned from even reading Hindi comics like Chacha Chaudhary, Bela aur Bahadur, and Nagraj.

So I began to furiously befriend Hindi-speaking children. I insisted they teach me their language and they did. They taught me that “kamine” meant puppies and “haraami” meant butterfly. My neighbour Meeta taught me the jingle for a contraceptive commercial insisting it was a good Hindi song that I must sing at my Christmas party that year… (those little shits!) I happily sang, “Garbh nirodhak goliyaan Mala-D hain mera raaz,” much to the shock of everyone present. For the next 24 hours mom treated me much like how Catelyn Stark treated Jon Snow at Winterfell.