Dear Army Brats, Who Made You the Authority on National Security?


Dear Army Brats, Who Made You the Authority on National Security?

Illustration: Shruti Yatam


t’s almost a month since 40 of our soldiers were killed following a suicide bombing in Pulwama, and tensions surged unbearably when both India and Pakistan decided to cross the LoC  in a show of political intent and military might. Things took a turn for the better when Pakistan returned Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman as a “gesture of peace” after his plane was downed across the border. But “better” is a relative term when two nuclear powers are gnashing their teeth at each other while the world watches in horror, especially when one of them has elections hammering down the door and nothing much to show for by way of achievements. Wars distract, and win elections, after all.

It’s been a month of nail-biting stress for those horrified by the idea of war. And a month full of overenthusiastic keyboard warriors co-opting the cause of nationalism like it’s their pet project and doing everything in their power to create social media shit-storms fuelled by ignorance and lack of personal liability in the theatre of war. While these self-appointed national security experts belong to all religions, classes, and castes, making the rest of us wonder how their talents for foreign policy and defence strategy have been hidden from us for so long, there is one sub-section within this group that stands out for its odiousness: the smug, snivelling, self-congratulatory Army Brat.