Why Priyanka Chopra Should Stop Apologising for Quantico


Why Priyanka Chopra Should Stop Apologising for Quantico

Illustration: Juergen Dsouza


hen I heard that Priyanka Chopra had apologised for “hurting Indian sentiments”, I got suitably excited. To me, it felt like justice had finally been served, albeit several years too late. So, imagine my disappointment when I realised that unlike what I thought, she hadn’t actually asked for forgiveness for destroying our collective mental peace with Pyaar Impossible!, What’s Your Raashee?, or even Love Story 2050.

Instead, what Priyanka Chopra actually apologised for was the recent Quantico episode which comprised a plot twist implicating a rudraksha-wearing Hindu terrorist, instead of our usual back-up option aka Pakistanis. In “The Blood of the Romeo”, Priyanka Chopra’s Alex Parrish thwarts a plan by Hindu extremists trying to frame Pakistanis in a terror attack after noticing a “rudraksh mala” (Hindu rosary in Quantico lingo) on one of the terrorists. Seeing that, Parrish naturally comes to the conclusion that the terrorist can’t be Pakistani and has to be Indian. *mic drop*