Why Moving Out of Your Parent’s House is Overrated


Why Moving Out of Your Parent’s House is Overrated

Illustration: Akshita Monga


he unit a Mumbaikar measures their freedom in is BHK. B is for the parents, K is for the mother, and H is for everyone else. If you are insanely lucky (or loaded), it may be a 2BHK, and the second B is for you and your sibling, or granny, or any random aunt who is living with you. In a land where the Supreme Court recently declared that privacy was a fundamental right, growing up, we had shockingly little of it. Our homes were simply too small for such a big idea.

Which is why it’s surprising that Indian kids aren’t ready to bolt out of the door the second we turn 18. In fact, Indian kids don’t move out of their parents’ homes when it is painfully apparent that they are not kids anymore, but are rapidly approaching uncle/aunty status. You aren’t supposed to leave home until you get married if you are a girl, and never if you are a guy. Moving out and getting your own space is just not a thing. If you even happen to suggest it, your parents will take it very personally. “Where are we going wrong?”, “Kya tujhe freedom nahi hai?”, “Kuch kami hai?”