The Delusional Doves of Peace


The Delusional Doves of Peace

Illustration: Rutuja Patil/ Arré


he escalating tension between Indian and Pakistan has made it a good week for the Great Indian Patriot. The Great Indian Patriot, a species that comes with a genetic strain of hyper-nationalism and dreams only of the machismo and bravado with which its great nation will destroy Pakistan and all things Pakistani, is quieter this week. Modiji has refused to press the nuclear button. If that wasn’t bad enough, he even refused to cancel the Indus Waters Treaty. The dreams of the Great Indian Patriot have been shattered, and for now, he has stopped twittering.

Now is the season for the Doves of Peace. These exotic birds are most likely to be found in high-altitude areas like air-conditioned high-rises and art galleries, holding a glass of wine, while elegantly flapping their wings, and daintily nibbling at the vegan canapé.