Meet the Parents: The Nepotism Edition


Meet the Parents: The Nepotism Edition

Illustration: Sushant Ahire


eet Simba. Simba is an unbearably adorable lion cub who dreams of ruling his territory one day. But Simba can’t stay out of trouble; he’s got a knack for flirting with danger and ending up at the mercy of the savage hyenas. Luckily, big daddy Mufasa is never far away, pouncing in to scare off anyone who dares threaten his cute cub. Simba has a fuzzy little growl, Mufasa roars fiercely, and all the haters scatter, leaving the lion king and his prince in peace.

That’s a perfect plot for a Disney movie intended for ages three and above. However, if you replace the stuffed toy-resembling animated lions with human adults in flesh and blood, things start looking a lot shiftier. Let’s look at our stand-ins, shall we?