Tum Saale Presswalleh


Tum Saale Presswalleh

Illustration: Juergen Dsouza/ Arré


few months ago, when I met a few school friends for lunch, I was prepared for the usual barbs. You know, the sort where journalists wished they were leading half the glamorous lives we are supposed to be leading, doing cool things. These have been my friends’ stock-in-trade since the time I chose J-school over a B-school. As those of us on the inside know, journalism is neither “cool”, nor does it bring to the majority of us any glamour.

After the usual ritual of hugs, handshakes, and laughter, a friend turned to me and casually remarked how “journalists and intellectuals” have become a rather hazardous category in recent times. His point was, that mediawallahs are consistent in criticising the prime minister over everything. In his words, why did we refuse to see the good our government was doing, and chose instead, to highlight only the ills of the present dispensation? Once the arguments heated up, he delivered a coup d’etat: That journos deserved to be called “presstitutes”, for we are seldom neutral in our reportage. We just refuse to give the government its due.