Why Millennials Should Read the Bhagavad Gita


Why Millennials Should Read the Bhagavad Gita

Illustration: Palak Bansal


esterday, students of the MET Medical College in Ahmedabad commemorated Gita Jayanti by chanting shlokas from the Bhagavad Gita. Whatever your thoughts on future doctors turning into — in the words of dean Dipti Shah — “most-loved devotees of Lord Krishna”, it is undeniable that there’s no cooler book of reference for life than the Gita.   

Like most kids of our generation, I am indifferent to religion, even though my parents tried their darndest to herd me into temples. But thanks to the environment I grew up in — a Catholic school and a multi-ethnic neighbourhood — I invariably learnt the litany, the Ramayana’s Sundarkand, as well as shlokas in Marathi, Gujarati, and Hindi. Yet, I remained largely untouched by these words. I liked their sound, but they did nothing for me.