All Millennials are Artists, Selfies are Our Stage


All Millennials are Artists, Selfies are Our Stage

Illustration: Akshita Monga


here is a small but significant conversation taking place around selfies; it’s tonally different from the judgment zone that the self-portrait has so spectacularly occupied ever since it photo-bombed our lives.

Recently, a friend, who is committed to the daily selfie and has been mocked endlessly for her vain commitment, posted this: I know selfies are almost a taboo on social media but why is it so bad to click a selfie? Selfies are sometimes born because of the need to feel good, look good, and love your own self. The control being in the self-photographer’s hand, is what appeals to most people who take selfies – you can control the way the photo hides your flaws and highlights the best of you. I dislike photos of myself taken by someone else which portrays me in a way that I do not like myself. Hence I love selfies! They make me like myself. If you dislike selfies don’t take them, but don’t judge others who do.