Why I Might Lose My Feminist Club Membership


Why I Might Lose My Feminist Club Membership

Illustration: Juergen Dsouza


hen Alyssa Milano initiated the #MeToo campaign on social media, a chain of events was unleashed. The initiative that struck a chord with millions of women all around the world, went on to become singularly significant milestone in the long and exhausting journey toward a more gender-equal future. Somehow along the way, it took a small detour toward somewhere to the street on the corner of Broadstroking & I Hate Men.   

Suddenly, men were the enemy. There were these vile, putrid creatures who have been plotting since millennia just how to bring women down. Everything became an example of misogyny. Your boyfriend is late? What a misogynist! He offered to pay? How bloody typical! A sea of matrimonial misadventures, terrible Tinder tales, and career catastrophes began to be painted as feminist issues, when they might simply have been personal issues.