Main Aur Meri EMI: Ek Choti Si Love Story


Main Aur Meri EMI: Ek Choti Si Love Story

Illustration: Robin Chakraborty


am a boilerplate twenty-something educated urban adult. I live in a cosmopolitan city, I have a college degree, and I grew up somewhere between Chitrahaar and MTV, in a corner close to the place where Zee Cinema meets HBO. My Facebook and Insta feed is filled with my friends checking-in to other countries, swanky places, and quaint cafes. I myself live, what I call, a luxurious life.

Most of my meals travel to me from faraway kitchens by men unknown to me who work for Swiggy and Zomato. I am driven around the city in a variety of cars, again by men unknown to me, who work with Ola and Uber. My adventures take place in malls where I shop for outfits and food that come in attractive packaging, and on Amazon who keeps sending me emails on things that I might need to fill whatever gaps there are in my life – they’re usually right. I also like staying in nice hotels whenever I travel and these last-minute trips naturally involve air travel and private taxis.