Lahe Lahe Land and the Art of Laziness


Lahe Lahe Land and the Art of Laziness

Illustration: Juergen Dsouza / Arré


magine a wire. If a current flows through it, the current can be slowed down or controlled with the help of a resistor. That’s physics. Now imagine Delhi. There is no way you can control the speed of people walking in Delhi. It’s almost like people here are wired to move at the same speed. They only accelerate, never retract. That’s physics too. Only, Delhi is a superconductor. It knows no resistance.

So the moment you hear someone screaming “Schqccwueez me” in a paralysed British accent, disappear. That’s your warning sign. If your idea of walking is dawdling on a promenade, you’ve landed yourself in a place that will – and you must believe me when I say it – elbow you to death. It will pound you until you find yourself churning in the middle of the road with elbows that work swifter than the blades of a food processor at max speed.