Did Kendrick Lamar Just Pimp the Pulitzer?


Did Kendrick Lamar Just Pimp the Pulitzer?

Illustration: Akshita Monga


n 2005, when Mumbai schools thought it was a good idea to take ninth grade graduates to nightclubs for farewells, our entire class was ferried in a school bus to a bar in Lokhandwala, which would go on to acquire a reputation sleazier than Bangkok. In those dark corners, we were allowed a Red Bull each, provided we each paid our ₹500 entry ticket, and promised not to get too wild after all the sugar. It was possibly one of the tamest nights “Club Escape” has ever experienced, barring one moment that came during a song played at the late hour of 7.30 pm.

The track was 50 Cent’s P.I.M.P., which for the uninitiated is the rap equivalent of explaining porn to your grandmother. The video featured up to 12 bare breasts and two chain-smoking men, and so logically when a bunch of us started to rap along, it made our teachers squirm. From that day on, rap music was forever looked down upon in our classrooms — which only ensured that rap becoming a raging trend in school that year.