Cause Kazuo Ishiguro is Not a Noble Man


Cause Kazuo Ishiguro is Not a Noble Man

Illustration: Akshita Monga/Arré


he couldn’t hear him leave but she knew he wasn’t there. And when the phone rang, she continued to look at it, wondering why it seemed so distant from her. The leather chair they had bought from Wasava prefecture, riding early morning, the first time she had left home without coffee to beat the early morning traffic, sat between them. Kakinada-San (name changed) could hear the phone ringing. She looked at the phone and then went past it. He had kept the door open, she stopped and turned back, answered the phone. He had won the Nobel.

That’s a feeble attempt at a master. And to think it’s a feeble attempt at a translation of the master. But then, maybe, just maybe, Ishiguro is beyond words.