Is Juul the Smoker’s Latest Fidget Spinner?


Is Juul the Smoker’s Latest Fidget Spinner?


very generation has its version of the Marlboro Man. In the ’50s, we had Dev Anand, and in the ’90s, SRK, telling us to try those nasty cancer sticks. Now, 20 years later, as full-fledged smokers with blackened lungs, we’re left with an urge to try healthier alternatives like nicotine gum, nicotine patches, or the douchiest cop out of them all, the vaporiser.

My first brush with vaping was back in 2011 when one of the cooler kids in our college, Shlok Sinha, got a “vape pen” to college. It was a fascinating device so Sinha made it a point to throw around phrases like “portable sheesha” and “London wala cousin laaya.” None of us had a fucking clue about the workings of this magical device. Our enquiries – Is this harmful? Does it contain nicotine? Theek se dhuan kyun nahi aa raha? – were all met with the same response, “Phoonk na gandu.”