#JOMO Over #FOMO: How to Find the Joy of Missing Out


#JOMO Over #FOMO: How to Find the Joy of Missing Out

Illustration: Robin Chakraborty


ike the majority of woke millennials, I proudly identify as someone who is a voracious reader. Every year, I make it a point to broadcast the Jaipur Literature Festival line-up on Twitter with the unparalleled vivacity of a “Frida Kahlo on acid”. I also meticulously update my reading list with the names of authors whose books get adapted into Netflix series, so that I can actively participate in joining the “The book was better!” chorus.  

Yet I’ve also noticed that the only time I actually manage to finish a book cover to cover – without reaching out for my phone to double-tap on a flurry of Instagram posts or LOL at some memes – is when I’m on an airplane. I vividly remember one flight only because I ended up finishing a book I had given up on, twice. Miracles do happen. Hallelujah.