Shortest Horror Story Ever: The Indian Family Gathering


Shortest Horror Story Ever: The Indian Family Gathering

Illustration: Arati Gujar


ast month, I embarked on a much-needed annual spring-cleaning ritual of reluctantly throwing away things I was convinced would be useful in the future. This included a massive tower of textbooks, which I promptly toppled by pulling out my scorned fourth-grade Social Sciences textbook. A few glances through its musty pages led me to the saddening realisation that our entire human civilisation was once just a big peaceful clan of hunter gatherers. Of course they were – not one of them ever had to attend a family dinner.

If you’ve been brought up in an Indian household, you’ll know that a family gathering is never just a “family” gathering. It is more of an assembly of all your extended family relatives, whom you’ve hardly spoken to, but are supposed to connect with because it’s all about your loving your bloodline. This is an event that could go either way – flat-out boring or laugh-out-loud exciting, just like Uday Chopra’s Twitter timeline.