Our Unhealthy Obsession with Honeypreet Insan


Our Unhealthy Obsession with Honeypreet Insan

Illustration: Akshita Monga/Arré


ndia rejoice! Our police force has finally caught India’s Chief Premi Honeypreet Singh Insan, only a couple of hours after she was interviewed by the channel Aaj Tak from an undisclosed location. India rejoice! Because let’s face it, what’s been on our minds in this last month hasn’t been rapist Papaji but the potentially incestous Papaji’s Angel.

Honeypreet Singh Insan or PAPA’s ANGEL, according to her Twitter bio, piqued our curiosity after she went underground following Pitaji’s rape conviction last month. First, there were just murmurs of her alleged relationship with Gurmeet Ram Rahim Insan, which later turned out to be, hawww, of the sexual variety.