The Great Bong Love Affair With Boroline


The Great Bong Love Affair With Boroline

Illustration: Akshita Monga


ust like Shakespeare-bhakts have Romeo and Juliet, Bhai-fans have Salman Khan and acquittals, Calcutta too comes with a peculiar yet passionate love-story of its own: Bongs and Boroline. An evergreen romance that has transcended distance, time, and distractions for so many years that it can easily give Imtiaz Ali a run for his Love Aaj Kals.

If we’ve learnt anything about us Bengalis, it’s that we are great purveyors of “kalchaar”. Our mornings refuse to begin without a cup of chaa and Rabindrasangeet, and our nights are coloured by rewatching our favourite Uttam Kumar or Satyajit Ray masterpiece with a bottle of Gelusil in hand. Shades of our fine taste are reflected as much in the food we like (any biryani that doesn’t have aloo is a blasphemy) as it is in the creams and ointments we choose to use. It’s exactly this dedication to being cultured beings that prevents us from blindly believing in a cheap moisturising knock-off called Vaseline. Especially when we have a magic potion in a small green tube called Boroline.