Chai Pe Charcha: In Defence of Gossip


Chai Pe Charcha: In Defence of Gossip

Illustration: Shruti Yatam


f small talk is an art perfected rarely by people during social situations, then gossip is social-interaction lube. Like rolling a first-class joint in under a minute, artful gossip can bring pleasure during conversations in a way few things can.

Sure, you can gush about Dan Brown’s Origin being your latest guilty pleasure with anyone you want, and chances are they’ll even nod in approval. But that joy will hardly match the high you’ll encounter when you forge a connection with a group of strangers at a random wedding, talking smack about that guy taking endless helpings. Or the bond you develop with colleagues after a deep, soul-satisfying conversation about an office affair. Believe it or not, gossip is the most evident and universal language of bonding that has the power to erase biases, differences, and distance.