Is 25 the Deadline to Make New Friends?


Is 25 the Deadline to Make New Friends?

Illustration: Akshita Monga


ecently, a neighbour who I know since I was five put in me in a pickle by asking me to give her a lift on the way to work. I’m not averse to doing the odd favour, but she decided to season my inconvenience with outright annoyance by proceeding to make small talk along the way. That long, long ride ended with her asking for my mobile number, and my brain desperately tried to randomise a ten-digit sequence. I failed to come up with a fake number on the spot, so I ended up surrendering my actual contact details with a heavy heart.

I struggled to understand why I felt so reluctant toward becoming close to a neighbour who I have known since we were both children. And then I realised, like everything else in this age, my emotions could be summed up in a catchy hashtag: #NoNewFriends