Dine and Dash: The Final Frontier Before Adulting


Dine and Dash: The Final Frontier Before Adulting

Illustration: Shruti Yatam


hen I proposed to write a piece on “Dine and Dash”, I was met with a line of questioning faces at the edit meet. When I explained that it was a term coined by our miscreant ancestors to define an act of enjoying a meal at a restaurant, and leaving without paying, recognition dawned and hands on the table went up sheepishly.  

The first time I had ever heard of “dine and dash” was in an episode of That 70’s Show, wherein Michael Kelso, the dumb, pretty boy of the group, informs his friends about having been gifted $30, and suggests that they go out someplace nice, to get a meal. Kelso, however, does not tell his friends that he had no intentions of paying for the meal, but simply turning them into an accessory for the perfect dine and dash.