What 99.8% Can Do To You and Me


What 99.8% Can Do To You and Me

Illustration: Saachi Mehta/ Arré


hen I was growing up, the idea of going abroad to secure an undergrad degree was a matter of ultimate prestige. Only the really bright kids with wildly ambitious parents would ever attempt a feat of the sort. And if they happened to crack an admission to colleges with even a semi-Ivy League status, there’d be a week-long celebration involving alcohol – Blue/Black Label only – bragging rights for a whole year, and the satisfying feeling that you’ve accomplished your life’s work with distinction. All you had to do after that was wait for regular foreign chocolate consignments.

Today, there’s no prestige in studying overseas. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. (I don’t really know what the opposite of prestige is because I wasn’t one of those really bright kids.)