Can We Please Call Bullshit on Brexit?


Can We Please Call Bullshit on Brexit?

Illustration: Saachi Mehta/ Arré


ack in the 1980s, inside the smoky interiors of Calcutta’s coffee houses, debates brewed between Bhadralok, the kurta-clad highbrow intellectuals, on everything from Bohemian Rhapsody to the Naxals, who wove a Promethean dream to fire Bengal with revolutionary idealism, from Chernobyl to the Cold War. All of this, over paanch takar coffee. We called it the Calcutta Coffee House Syndrome.

Loosely translated here’s what it implied: Why discuss petty, but immediate issues that plagued the “dying city” around us – transportation, power outages, and endless strikes – when you can discuss Castro and Cuba, the “Anti-fascist Protective Rampart”, and other such issues which earmarked you as a raging intellectual?