You Have 1 New Notification: Switching Off is Impossible


You Have 1 New Notification: Switching Off is Impossible


ast year, a journalist covering the Jaipur Literature Festival tweeted out British-American essayist Pico Iyer’s social media habits. The tweet gleaned that Iyer didn’t use a cell phone and got hours of clear reading time every day, which no doubt bolstered his creative process. But the part that had me in rapt attention was the fact that Iyer chose to not look at his emails after 6 pm. The tweet was instantly met with fervid likes and retweets, including mine. Like most of the respondents to the tweet, even I concluded that Iyer was quite spot on about the urgent need to switch off in this hectic age of 24/7 availability.

Inspired, I, decided to follow suit. On a Tuesday afternoon at work, surrounded by colleagues furiously typing away at their keyboards and multiple WhatsApp work groups buzzing, I switched my push notifications off. I might have resisted the urge to yell “I feel on top of the world” at that momentous occasion, but who could stop me from feeling so?