The Case for Arranged Marriage


The Case for Arranged Marriage

Illustration: Shruti Yatam


t is a law, even among most animals, that parents will do a lot to make sure their offspring are safe, happy, and well-provided for. In the parenting department, the cuckoo is the most notorious because she gets other birds to feed her child. The harp seals tend to their child for 12 days. Rabbits give it a month. Orangutans give it eight years. Americans give it 18. Only Indian parents give it a lifetime.

In India, you remain a child well after you’ve had a child. Our parents are always making sure things are fine for us. This behaviour is taken the farthest with the concept of arranged marriage. Because let’s face it, nothing in the world says, “I’ll make sure you’re fine,” more than an arranged marriage. The minute the child utters the happy words, “I want to get married”, an Indian parent’s heart fills with joy that couldn’t be matched even if their child were to be nominated for the Padma Bhushan.