Can We Resolve to Stop Stinking in 2018?


Can We Resolve to Stop Stinking in 2018?

Illustration: Namaah


f you alone suffer from it, it’s called a “problem”. If you’re a young person, it’s called “nakhra” and is followed by derision, and maybe a slap. If you’re rich, it’s called a “phase” and you go to London or SoHo to deal with it. If a few of us have it, we call it an “objection”. It is only when a decent number of us have it does it go on to become an “issue”.

Broadly, there are three kinds of issues. The first kind are real ones that plague humanity: war, migration, misogyny, crime, infant mortality, etc. These issues get their fair share of time in the sun and in various newsrooms across the country. In return, they are consumed by a grand total of that one guy who lectured you on the dynamics of post-modern economics and pre-modern warfare at a party last weekend.