India, Notes From the Bright Side


India, Notes From the Bright Side

Illustration: Mandar Mhaskar


t’s that time of the year again. As 2016 slips into twilight, several of us are glad to see the back of this year. It has been a year of historic upsets and disruptions, some global, some local. We’re likely going to see the aftershocks in the years to come – and I haven’t even started thinking about Bob Dylan yet.

I gather this sense of apocalypse-now pessimism will endure into the first few months of 2017. In India, this doom and gloom is countered by the shrill, extra-cheerful noise of nation-building initiatives like demonetisation. It’s difficult to maintain a sanguine outlook, especially when even  Amartya Sen, declares that he is “more pessimistic” than he has ever been. Couple that with disruptions in parliament and the utter lack of clarity in the media around government decisions or the economy, and you’re completely blinded to the long view.