Wonder Movie Review: The Kids are All Right

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Wonder Movie Review: The Kids are All Right

Illustration: Palak Bansal/Arré


eet Auggie, the sun of the Pullman galaxy and the unlikely hero of Stephen Chbosky’s Wonder. Auggie has been confined to the four walls of his house for a long long time. It’s the only life that he’s known and the only life he thinks he’ll have to know until the homeschooled Auggie’s parents insist he start middle school. His family, comprising loving parents, Nate (Owen Wilson) and Isabel (Julia Roberts), and protective sibling Via, is habituated to routinely putting their lives on hold to guarantee that Auggie gets a fair chance at his.

Auggie discerns that he’s not an ordinary 10-year-old boy from the expressions of the people outside his family. Born with a congenital facial deformity, Auggie has had to endure 27 corrective surgeries in a span of just 10 years. His face is scarred: His ears look like little flaps, his facial scars pull down the corner of his eyes giving him a perennially sad expression, and his nose gives the impression that it could fall off any moment. Though his surgeries have done little to help his face, Auggie thinks they’re “hilarious” and has his hospital bracelets plastered in his room as an extension of the joke. Auggie’s only fashion statement, the only thing he has control over is his rat-tail, which he angrily chops off after being bullied on the first day of school.