The Thirst is Real: Why the Internet is Swooning Over Emily in Paris Hottie, Lucas Bravo

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The Thirst is Real: Why the Internet is Swooning Over Emily in Paris Hottie, Lucas Bravo

Illustration: Shruti Yatam

Thanks to the pandemic, our wanderlust has had to take a backseat for months now. That’s where Netflix’s latest show Emily In Paris steps right in to fill the void of our Parisian dreams. The show is both an indulgence and an escape from the reality of the new normal, right from the scenic city of romance down to the designer wear even Blair Waldorf would approve of. But between freshly baked pain au chocolat runs and Gossip Girl references, it’s Emily’s French neighbour Gabriel that has all our attention.

“Wait… so you’re single? In Paris?,” is a bewildering statement Lilly Collins’ Emily hears quite a few times following her breakup with her long-time boyfriend in Chicago. But who can blame Emily’s friends for their confusion when there’s a hot neighbour to hit up right there? Bonus: Gabriel isn’t just hot, soft-spoken and a bit of a knight in shining armour, he can cook some smokin’ hot dishes too! Can we have some of those chef Gabriel-special omelettes, please?

Though the romance between Emily and Gabriel could be tagged as “It’s Complicated”, we really don’t blame Ems for swooning over this charmer. As they say, the thirst is real.

We’ll let this Gabriel fancam speak for itself.

While Emily in Paris is peppered with gorgeous men, Gabriel’s character has put French actor Lucas Bravo under the spotlight and the internet can’t seem to get enough of him.

It’s a pity though that Gabriel is a bit of a cheater. But hey! Bravo for the win!

What’s more? Gabriel can whip up an omelette in a jiffy as he navigates the romance. That’s not just good acting – the 32-year-old actor used to be a sous chef in a restaurant a few years ago.

If you’re not convinced of internet’s new crush, here’s Lucas Bravo with long hair to help you seal the deal. You can thank us later!

With things looking up for the series, a season 2 might not be too far away – which means we’ll get to see more of Lucas on screen as our Hot French Neighbour/Chef Gabriel that we can never have. Brb, gonna go sign up for those French lessons now.