Why Is the Internet Hating on the New Tom and Jerry Trailer?

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Why Is the Internet Hating on the New Tom and Jerry Trailer?

Illustration: Robin Chakraborty

In times when everything around us is grim and dark, a little cat and mouse chase could be just the distraction we need. Or, it could be a perfect recipe for disaster.

Our favourite childhood cartoon frenemies Tom and Jerry are taking the Disney-esque path to live-action, for which the trailer dropped yesterday. The film was announced back in 2019 by Warner Bros and is set for a theatrical release in 2021.

In Tom and Jerry, the cat and mouse duo bring their chaos to a classy hotel in New York City that’s all set to host an Indian-style wedding. However, with little Jerry on the loose, the manager hires Kyla (played by Chloë Grace Moretz) to get rid of the “mouse problem”. Kyla, on the other hand, ropes in Tom to help her in her mouse extermination mission.

Unlike Disney live-action films, the Tom and Jerry movie is not interested in presenting the frenemies as “real”, maintaining their original animation style even though they continue to live and interact in the real world.

The trailer has received mixed reactions so far, with fans debating if the animation was really necessary at all.

“I’m pissed off they didn’t try to make them look realistic because that would have been a much funnier movie,” one user commented.

“Why are the characters CG? In fact, why is it live action? Who wanted this?” another asked.

But not every fan is averse to the animation. Talking about how the characters look and feel like the ones from their childhood, Tom and Jerry trailer has almost won some fans over.

Others worried over the lack of slapstick comedy, which defines the Tom and Jerry universe.

An important question to ask is if it’s really Tom and Jerry without the wacky sound effects?

Guess this one isn’t going to watch it.

Others are ready to relive their childhood’s Saturday morning cartoon marathons on the big screen.

Now, if only they could bring Spike the bulldog onboard, the gang would be back together.

Do you think the new Tom and Jerry movie will live up to the original series?