Analysing the Virushka Phenomenon

Pop Culture

Analysing the Virushka Phenomenon

Illustration: Akshita Monga / Arré


new word has been added to the Indian lexicon and we’re still wrapping our heads around it: Virushka. It’s a strange sounding word and to the freshly arrived alien it could be one of many things. A man’s fragrance from Ukraine? An up-and-coming opening batsman from Sri Lanka? Or possibly, an airborne disease that spreads faster than the smoke from a neighbouring state?

As it turns out, ladies and germs, “Virushka” is the third of the three possibilities suggested above. It has been identified as a highly contagious infection that spreads through airwaves, the interwebz, and good old-fashioned grapevine messenger, and turns hitherto healthy individuals into googly-eyed gawkers with jaws hanging agape. In gossip we trust. In innuendo we trade. In “lehenga dus lakh ka hai” we rejoice.