Never Go Full Tubelight

Pop Culture

Never Go Full Tubelight

Illustration: Sushant Ahire


here’s a “Bhai” film in the theatres and it’s time for bhai-jaculations. Everyone has their own routine to join the celebrations, and my preferred one is to get completely trashed and land up right in time for a front-row experience of the last show on the first day. The alcohol-induced daze transports me head first into the universe of Bhai fandom, where every dialogue is whistle-worthy and every Salman Khan entry is met with the metal clink of coins hitting the big screen. From punch to pout, I join the raucous cheering blindly, seeing in him the messiah we seek in all of us.

Who the fuck cares if the world is going up in flames when Salman is there to save us? Come hell or high water, if it’s a Salman movie, there will be a Bhai moment, and usually therein lies my redemption and justification for a bitch of a hangover.