The Hippies Who Missed the Bus

Pop Culture

The Hippies Who Missed the Bus

Illustration: Namaah/Arré


few months ago, I met a sweet young girl from Denmark at a friend’s house in Bandra. She looked like what my friends and I would label the “pixie mafia” – feathers in her hair, combat boots on her small feet. She had just come back to Mumbai after travelling on what she, and many others, now call the “hippie trail” (Goa–Gokarna–Hampi).

While we were talking, she coughed, and her throat conjured up something as green as her hair. We looked at her alarmed, but she didn’t seem bothered. “Oh no, that’s nothing to worry about, this is all the medication I need,” she said, pointing to the joint in her hand. “I don’t smoke cigarettes, anyway…. except when I’m on MDMA.”