Goodbye and Good Riddance, The Big Bang Theory

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Goodbye and Good Riddance, The Big Bang Theory

Illustration: Arati Gujar


ack in 2007, when the pilot of The Big Bang Theory aired on TV, it introduced us to the brilliant mind of senior theoretical physicist, Sheldon Cooper. It was the DNA of this emotionally handicapped geeky megalomaniac that its creator Chuck Lorre exploited to present a crossover between science and comedy. And while it didn’t take him more than Sheldon’s “You’re in my spot” or his incessant knocking to achieve that sweet spot, 11 years and 12 seasons later, TBBT has ended up being a show we can’t wait to bid goodbye to. The show comes to an end in 2019.

The first season of TBBT was unlike anything we’d seen on TV: A group of loserly science nerds headlining a show. It didn’t just make science cool again, but also acted as a clever commentary on how little men – even those who seem to have all the answers about the universe – actually know about women.