The Truth about Sunburn aka Ghor Kalyug

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The Truth about Sunburn aka Ghor Kalyug

Illustration: Akshita Monga


inter is coming! The fleece is out, wedding hashtags are in, and social media is in full music-festival mode as festival-goers post pictures of their latest outfits, and non-goers lament how their schedules don’t allow them to attend, but use the opportunity to post last year’s pictures anyway. Unless they’re going to Sunburn, in which case they’re wondering if there’s even going to be a festival to attend.

The excitement surrounding this year’s upcoming slew of festivals, which started with the Shillong leg of NH7 Weekender in October, will continue with Sunburn in December, and so on, until the summer heat makes outdoor drinking unbearable, is accompanied by the now-predictable swirling mass of anger and outrage that comes each festival season. For Indian politicians and other upholders of sanskar, festival time means Kalyug has arrived!