Marvel and the Evolution of the Indian Fan

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Marvel and the Evolution of the Indian Fan

Illustration: Akshita Monga


his April, Infinity War finally arrived. It was a historic moment, one that had been 10 years in the making, for which Marvel fans worldwide were waiting with bated breath. My many WhatsApp groups were abuzz – literally – in anticipation, frantically exchanging information about ticket availability while simultaneously plotting elaborate strategies to remain spoiler-free in case we couldn’t make it on Friday. For once, we even boycotted social media en masse to avoid spoilers.

And why not? As the globe-spanning mania enveloping Infinity War proved, the Marvel Universe is not just a collection of movies or comics, it is now a way of life. Along with the Avengers, the fandom has assembled. And today, as they collectively mourn the death of Stan Lee, their true strength is revealed.