The Coming of Age of Sonam Kapoor

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The Coming of Age of Sonam Kapoor


fter her launch as a lovelorn lass in Saawariya, Sonam Kapoor had firmly established herself as the leader of the stylish-but-can’t-act club. This club wasn’t a bad place to hang out. It has hosted everyone from Fardeen Khan to Govinda in the past and more recently Jacqueline Fernandez and Katrina Kaif, but Sonam really gave it new life with her coming-out party  with “Unsuitable Boy” Karan Johar and the distinctly less international Deepika Padukone.

On that historic episode, she took Ranbir Kapoor’s boyfriendness to the cleaners, equated Shobhaa De’s writing skills with that of Chetan Bhagat’s, and called all those who discussed relationships in public tacky (RIP), while maintaining her now trademark emotional sentiment about the uselessness of men. She went on to get into minor kerfuffles, like calling Aishwarya Rai an “aunty from another generation”, alleging that Indian men don’t know fashion unless they’re gay, and taking random digs at people.