Ranveer Singh Can Play Anybody

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Ranveer Singh Can Play Anybody

Illustration: Shruti Yatam


ollywood looks at biopics the same way Rakhi Sawant looks at every incident in her life: as a publicity gimmick. Whenever frying these real-life stories of real people achieving mind-boggling success, with generous doses of masala, casual sexism, and unnecessary romantic tracks don’t seem to work, we promptly resort to a round of: “So You Think You Can Miscast?”

We have a long and illustrious heritage in that department. It is the easiest way for any “celebrity” to be considered a “serious actor” as well as a trust-exercise aimed at the power and magic of the makeup and styling teams. Think Omung Kumar’s Mary Kom, the biopic of the eponymous Olympic bronze medallist and a pig-tailed Priyanka Chopra, because casting a Manipuri actor was clearly too much work. Just a few days ago, we heard Hrithik Roshan was cast as Super 30’s Anand Kumar, a balding, short small-towner. Sure, Roshan would fit right in.