Rangoon and the Rise and Rise of Shahid

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Rangoon and the Rise and Rise of Shahid

Illustration: Akshita Monga


here’s a scene in Rangoon, a few minutes before the interval, where a steely Shahid Kapoor as Jamadar Nawab Malik and a feisty Kangana Ranaut as Miss Julia share a laugh for the very first time, revealing secrets and giving up their disdain for each other. They also share alcohol, indulge in a little song and dance before caking each other in mud and locking lips with an almost feral lust. The playful scene takes its time to unravel, letting you experience the limited time the two have in their dreamland. As their kiss abruptly ends, Nawab and Miss Julia are left wanting more – as are you, the audience.

In another gripping scene in the second half, Shahid’s self-righteous Nawab Malik sings the INA’s version of the national anthem in an attempt to establish his loyalty to Subhas Chandra Bose’s idea of a nation that is yet to be realised. This scene also lasts a few seconds, but the feeling of patriotism it evokes, lingers.