Ranbir Kapoor: The Patron Saint of Lost Boys

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Ranbir Kapoor: The Patron Saint of Lost Boys

Illustration: Sushant Ahire / Arré


ndian newborns are born with two umbilical cords. The first is the one that feeds your body, the one that the doctor snips the moment he declares either “Dahej aayega” or “Dahej jaayega”, when he separates you and Maa. Then there is the other one that links you to another maa, a far bigger force that stays with you well into adulthood. This is our cine-maa, food for our hungry souls.

It’s been roughly a hundred years since cinema has been performing the diligent duty of representing every generation through the gaze of celluloid. If you’ve grown up singing “Iktara” on road trips, spent heartbreaks obsessing over “Channa Mereya”, or left the cacophony of your corporate cage to explore the “real” with the soundtrack of Rockstar playing in your head… then like many around us, you have only Ranbir “Jo Pakistanis ke saath cigarette peeta hai” Kapoor to blame.