Ocean’s 8: A Better Female Bonding Film Than Veere Di Wedding

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Ocean’s 8: A Better Female Bonding Film Than Veere Di Wedding

Illustration: Akshita Monga


une has been the kind of month where the semi-polluted air contained a peculiar virus that has forced filmmakers to do what they keep finding an excuse not to: back movies with an all-female star cast. The first film, Veere Di Wedding, boasted an ensemble of actresses who are otherwise asked to be happy performing item numbers for Indian audiences. And the second, Ocean’s 8, that released in India yesterday, is powered by a group of diverse, outspoken women who are tired of taking a backseat while Hollywood’s leading men reap benefits. It was a revolutionary month for the movies, comfortably hashtagged #girlpower, even though both these movies were directed by men. Of course, that’s just me nitpicking.

Veere Di Wedding was panned for a variety of reasons, but few right ones. Critics took exception to the outspoken Swara Bhaskar, who is in the crosshairs of right-wing forces around the country, even though she looked super ill-at-ease throughout the film. And then there was the “lewd” masturbation scene she featured in, that embarrassed grandmothers around India. But for an industry that focuses so little on its leading women, Veere… was considered a step in the right direction, even if the vehicle was so… pedestrian.