Kaun Shabana?

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Kaun Shabana?

Illustration: Akshita Monga


tni dur se aaya hoon, kuch toh karne do” (I have come from so far, let me do something), bellows Akshay Kumar, reprising his role as Ajay Singh Rajput, when Tapsee Pannu’s Shabana Khan “asks” him if she can be the one delivering the punches to a villain during the second half of the film.

The exchange is ironic, because they are both in a “woman-oriented” film named after the leading lady. If stealing her limelight weren’t enough, Akshay Kumar also proceeds to order Shabana to go outside and wait while he – the self-appointed license-holder of all things action – beats the bad guy to a pulp. Like school-children punished for their misdemeanours, Shabana meekly does as ordered and spends a couple of tense moments outside the room in anticipation – she is probably wondering what she did to be excluded from a momentous scene in her own film.