Mukti Bhawan and the Parent Trap

Pop Culture

Mukti Bhawan and the Parent Trap

Illustration: Shivali Devalkar


here is a tender moment in Mukti Bhawan that goes to the heart of the complicated relationships we share with our parents. Late one night, Rajiv, the overworked middle-aged son (Adil Hussain) is on the steps of Varanasi’s ghats with his stubborn father Daya (Lalit Behl).

Rajiv asks him whether he’d want to be born in the same family again. Fearing the answer he is about to receive, Rajiv tries meeting Daya’s eyes, hoping that the reply is in his favour. The patriarch looks down at the steps before responding with a “No” – but adds that he’d like to come back as a kangaroo, not a person. Kangaroos have pockets they can store everything in, Daya tells Rajiv earnestly, prompting the first laugh the father and son share in days – maybe years.