Money Heist Gets a Pakistani “Update”. 2020, We Can’t Handle More Surprises!

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Money Heist Gets a Pakistani “Update”. 2020, We Can’t Handle More Surprises!

Illustration: Shruti Yatam

The year 2020 is the epitome of “expect the unexpected”. Ten months on, and it feels like we’ve seen it all. Case in point, the upcoming film 50 Crores or as Twitter believes, “Pakistani Money Heist”.

Pakistani actor Aijaz Aslam had been sharing pictures with his fans and followers to promote his new film, 50 Crores.

But it was his recently shared teaser video that made everyone do a double-take. The nine-second clip posted on Twitter has an uncanny resemblance to Netflix’s megahit series, Money Heist, and netizens aren’t quite sure if imitation could really be the best form of flattery here.

However, once the photoshoot of 50 Crores went viral, netizens were convinced of a rip-off of their favourite Spanish show in the making. Starring some A-list actors, the shoot of the Pakistani star cast posing with mug-shots that named them after Pakistani cities was all the confirmation the Twitterati needed.

#MoneyHeistPakistan soon found a spot on Twitter trends, and a meme fest was set in motion.

From La Casa de Papel to La Casa de Photocopy real quick.

Soundtrack of the year.

Khali haath aaye the hum, khali haath jayenge.

The truth can hurt sometimes.

This edit explains everything.

The saga of 2020 continues.

However, here’s a plot twist we did not see coming. According to entertainment portal, Galaxy Lollywood, 50 Crores isn’t even a film! Apparently, it’s an ad and the resemblance to Money Heist is all a part of the marketing strategy.

There’s a silver lining, we guess. At least, we got a good laugh out of it.