The Flawed Retribution of MOM

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The Flawed Retribution of MOM

Illustration: Sushant Ahire


ast year’s PINK, blew a hole in Bollywood’s long tradition of rape/sexual assault films. Not only did it inaugurate the conversation on consent and featured empowered female protagonists (with caveats), it dealt with a sensitive subject with less ham-fistedness than we’ve come to expect of mainstream Hindi cinema. But what was most refreshing about the film was that while it laid bare the inefficiencies of the country’s judicial system, it also voted for taking the legal recourse – as opposed to the rape-revenge dramas of the ’70s and ’80s.

That’s not a memo received by MOM, which released last week. Sridevi’s 300th – and this year’s third sexual assault film – goes to unthinkable lengths to resurrect the tired plot-device of an avenging heroine riding the cycle of retribution, albeit with a certain refinement.