Two Seasons Down and No One Can Stop Talking about Mirzapur’s Kaleen Bhaiya

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Two Seasons Down and No One Can Stop Talking about Mirzapur’s Kaleen Bhaiya

Illustration: Reynold Mascarenhas

Mirzapur Season 2 dropped on Amazon Prime Video late last night (a few hours before schedule) and fans decided to binge it overnight. We all know the temptation, our favourite show has a new season and most of us can work from home. Now do the math.

The wait has been a long one and many finished watching the whole season by Friday morning. As one fan pointed out on Twitter, he started watching at 11.45 pm and was done by 8.45 am. After binge-watching the new season in a matter of hours, it’s time to perhaps wait another year or so before the next one.
Everyone still to catch up on the show has only one request, no spoilers please. 

The reviews have already started pouring in online, and it seems that die-hard Mirzapur fans are loving it. While Sacred Games S2 found it difficult to live up to its hype, Kaleen Bhaiya & Co are not the one to disappoint. The “epic scenes” from the season are already being talked out, famous dialogues are being referenced, and memers are out with their A game.

While a lot of performances are being cheered, immense love and admiration is being directed towards everyone’s favourite Kaleen Bhaiya, portrayed magnificently by Pankaj Tripathi.

There are Kaleen Bhaiya memes merely praising his neck movements. Now that’s some serious fandom.

The King of Mirzapur, as Kaleen Bhaiya is referred to, was the standout character in the first season. Pankaj Tripathi’s effortless and graceful performance won him an almost new fanbase since the show released last year. His dialogue delivery is on point, his body language a cut above the rest. And if early reviews are to be believed, it seems Kaleen Bhaiya has stolen the limelight once again. “One of the best we have in the industry,” say fans.

While the story in the show revolves around who will rule over Mirzapur, there is little doubt as to which actor rules the performance chart.