Maine Sex Dekha: My Baywatch Diary

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Maine Sex Dekha: My Baywatch Diary

Illustration: Akshita Monga


aine sex dekha,” announced Prateek with an almost-evil glint in his eyes. The other 12-year-olds in the classroom promptly surrounded him, urging him to share what exactly he saw. “Foreigner logon ka bhi ek Juhu beach hai. Waha snow-white ladkiyaan chhote chhote red dress mein apna sex dikhaati hain. Maine dekha hai,” he said, a smug look appearing on his face.

“You idiot, that’s Baywatch. It’s a show about lifeguards in America,” said Neha, whacking Prateek on the back of his head with her Sanskrit vyaakaran book. “They save people from drowning. There is no sex on the show,” she continued, as I excitedly joined in the whacking with my Kishore Bharti textbook. The class monitor ran to the staff room to complain about boys doing “haww-wali baatein” to our sports teacher, who had conducted a basic sex-education class oddly titled “Moral Science” just a few weeks ago.