The Lost Art of Trolling

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The Lost Art of Trolling

Illustration: Namaah/ Arré

avid Thorne is an internet legend (even if that means nothing in the real world). In 2008, he got an email about an overdue payment of $234 that he had to clear, resulting in possibly one of the greatest email exchanges of all time.

Thorne sent back a (terrible) drawing of a spider as payment. When the lady at the other end, Jane Gilles, refused to accept a drawing of a seven-legged spider as payment (understandably so), Thorne asked her to send back the drawing. Then he accused her of sending back a different drawing.

This went on for several emails — the cringe comedy and absurdity, as well as the commitment with which the farce was executed, is what makes it so celebrated; it’s the pinnacle of trolling.